Trivia and Lore of Mosquitoes (part 2)

The World Mosquito Killing Championships (WMKC) is held every year in Pelkosenniemi, Finland. The object, as you might guess, is to kill as many mosquitoes as possible by hand, with no machines or chemicals allowed, in five minutes. Henri Pellonpää has the World and Guinness Record for mosquito killing for killing 21 at the 1995 championship, breaking the previous record of seven.

There is an Iroquois Indian legend of the mosquito that is worth checking out. The premise is that originally there were just two mosquitoes, but they were giant creatures as tall as a pine tree and they attacked and ate people whole. A bunch of braves surrounded them and finally killed them, only to see a swarm of millions of tiny mosquitoes spring from their spilled blood on the ground. The little ones bite us today because they crave revenge.

Male mosquitoes tend to hatch quicker than female mosquitoes and have an even shorter life span.

In world history, the only major engineering feat hampered solely by bugs is the digging of the Panama canal, during which mosquitoes contributed to the deaths of nearly 22,000 French workers from malaria in the years 1881 to 1889. It was only after the project was abandoned and sold to the United States that it was completed, though at the expense of over 5000 more lives, despite precautions.

It is said that the reason mosquitoes attack our ankles is simply because the odor of our sweat is strongest there. It might also have something to do with the fact that our eyes and ears are at the other end, making for a stealthy attack.

It has been remarked that mosquitoes are one of the few species which would make little impact on the global environment were they to suddenly become extinct. There is no predator who relies solely on mosquitoes, nor is there any essential service, such as pollination, provided solely by them.

Amongst teenage cell phone users, a popular ring tone is the "mosquito" one, which is a high-pitched tone that only the very young can hear. The tone was accidentally discovered by stores in the UK which originally broadcast the tone in an effort to keep teenagers from hanging out in front of the store. The device which played the tone was also called "the mosquito".